Jefferson Elementary

318 S Payne St
New Ulm, MN 56073
Fax: 507-233-3501
Attendance: 507-233-3509

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Jefferson Elementary Staff Directory

Ahlbrecht, ElizabethAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Asmus, KaseySp Ed EBD Teacher
Bents, CarolAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Beranek, GregCustodian Custodial
Berg, JoyceAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Boe, GailAsst Media/Tech ParaProfessional
Boettger, ChristineSp Ed EBD Teacher
Boushek, JamieServer Food Service
Boyle, JenniferAsst ParaProfessional
Brooks, JenniferGr 1 Teacher
Brown, LisaGr 4 Teacher
Budenski, KarenAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Bute, JulieGr 3 Teacher
Doe, TimothyCustodian Custodial
Dolter, ElizabethGr 4 Teacher
Eastgate, KariAsst ParaProfessional
Emerson, KristaAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Erb, KatiGr 2 Teacher
Fluegge, KoriAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Fortwengler, KenHead Custodian Custodial
Furth, EileenGr 2 Teacher
Goff, JodiAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Hacker-Enger, MarcyAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Haroldson, KimberlyGr 1 Teacher
Hart, ValerieAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Helget, JennaCounselor Teacher
Hillesheim, GwenlynAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Hinkle, AliciaSp Ed ASD Teacher
Hoffmann, AmandaAmeriCorps
Hooks, ShannanAsst ParaProfessional
Howk, CynthiaAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Hull, JulieAsst Elementary Principal Administration
Hunter, MelissaLiteracy Coach Teacher
Jacobs, GwenGr 3 Teacher
Johnson, RhondaAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Jones, KaylaSp Ed LD Teacher
Jore, JeanTitle 1 Teacher
Kloeckl, HeatherGr 3 Teacher
Kluver, AdamPrincipal Administration
Krebs, Mary AnnHead Cook Food Service
Krogstrand, SusanSp Ed DCD Teacher
Macho, BeverlyAsst. Cook Food Service
Mack, MelissaGr 4 Teacher
Mathiowetz, CherylAsst Title I ParaProfessional
Mathiowetz, LynnAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Maudal, AmyGr 2 Teacher
McMullen, CaseyBehavior Interventionist Teacher
Meyer, TreacyAsst DCD ParaProfessional
Miller, KathrynAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Moe, RachelGr 4 Teacher
Neidecker, TamaraAsst Health ParaProfessional
Nelson, BarbaraAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Nelson, MichelleAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Ogren, SharonGr 1 Teacher
Pechacek, KatieGr 3 Teacher
Petersen, JulieGr 2 Teacher
Portner, DawnTitle 1 Teacher
Ranweiler, JaclynGr 3 Teacher
Rathmann, MichellePrinc. Secretary II Clerical
Rathmann, SaraAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Reinhart, JennaAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Rewitzer, HeidiGr 4 Teacher
Riebe, PamelaAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Rodning, StephanieGr 4 Teacher
Roufs, MaryAsst EBD ParaProfessional
Rubey, JennaAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Santaella, AllisonGr 4 Teacher
Schaefer, AmberGr 1 Teacher
Schenck, CarolAsst Intervention ParaProfessional
Schlottman, AmyAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Schmiesing, KatherineGr 2 Teacher
Schuck, ShellyAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Sieg, HollySp Ed LD Teacher
Sletta, BethSTEM Teacher
Smestad, AftonGr 3 Teacher
Soboleva, IrinaSp Ed/Sp Services Coord. Teacher
Stadick, CandiceGr 1 Teacher
Stone, MerandaAsst Sp Ed ParaProfessional
Teske, BobbiGr 2 Teacher
Thorson, LisaTitle I Teacher
Urch, LeslieDCD Teacher
Wangensteen, KatherineLong Term Sub Teacher
Watson, BethPrincipal’s /Sp Ed Sec. Clerical
Weier, LeeCustodian Custodial
Wick, MelissaGr 1 Teacher
Wilker, HeidiMedia Specialist Teacher
Williams, CindyAsst Cook/Cashier Food Service
Windschitl, TamaraAsst ParaProfessional
Woitas, AllisonLD Teacher
Zeig, AngelaGr 1 Teacher
Zeig, LindaLunch/Recess Supervisor Food Service
Zimanski, AmandaGr 3 Teacher
Anderson, AngelaSpeech Teacher
Hopp, MichelleSpeech Teacher
Juni, EllenELL Teacher
Cacciatore, MadelineMusic .9/.1 Teacher
Koepsell, KyaraMusic .9/.1 Teacher
McKeeth, ToddPhy Ed Teacher
Monson, SheenaArt Teacher
Timm, JodiPhy Ed Teacher

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Bullying Reporting

"Bullying" means intimidating, threatening, abusive or harming conduct that is objectively offensive and: (1) there is an actual or perceived imbalance of power between the student engaging in prohibited conduct and the target of the behavior and the conduct is repeated or forms a pattern; or (2) materially and substantially interferes with a student's educational opportunities or performance or ability to participate in school functions or activities or receive school benefits, services, or privileges.

To report an incident, please complete our online bullying reporting from.

Bullying reporting is monitored on school calendar days. Your submission will be forwarded to the appropriate staff member who will conduct an investigation on this matter.

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