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Local Scholarships

Scholarships for the Class of 2018 eligibility criteria:

  • Enrolled as a full-time Senior at NUHS
  • Must be attending a post-secondary institution the fall following graduation
  • Other criteria as listed on each scholarship

For scholarships disbursed by the New Ulm Business office, students must accept scholarship money before June 1st, 2019 (by showing proof of passing grades after your first semester in college) or monies will be forfeited.

When filling out scholarships, please use black or blue ink or type your answers. If you need your cumulative G.P.A, Emily will write it on your scholarships when you turn them in.

All Scholarships are due February 9th, 2018, to the Guidance Office, no later than 3:30 p.m. Late applications are not accepted.

A1 Personal Narrative Rubric (2017-2018) (164.5k)
American Legion Seifert Scholarship (70.5k)
Burnett, Fritz Memorial Award (23.7k)
Community and Alumni Scholarship (45.7k)
E E Mecklenberg Environmental Scholarship Due 3 20 18 (1.4M)
Edwards, Myrtle (41.3k)
Goblirsch, Sally Scholarship (40.2k)
Jenson, Robert Humanities Scholarship (46.8k)
Kemske Scholarship (16.3k)
Koeckeritz, Evelyn & Walter Scholarship (46.2k)
Lafayette Lion's Scholarship Due 3 1 18 (669.6k)
McCrea Memorial Scholarship (18.2k)
McLaughlin, Cecile Scholarship (45.1k)
Mueller, Nick Memorial Scholarship (47.2k)
NUEA Scholarship Doc2016 Doc (97.4k)
New Ulm Area Foundation (36.1k)
New Ulm Farm City Hub Club Scholarship (24.7k)
New Ulm Music Boosters Scholarship (24.2k)
New Ulm Telecom Rodenberg Memorial Scholarship (42.3k)
Niemann, Robert and Frank Scholarship (35.7k)
O'Phelan, Kathleen Bartl Scholarship (49.5k)
Optimist Club of New Ulm Scholarship (22.5k)
Otis A Loose Scholarship (22.5k)
Ozias, Edward Scholarship (50.6k)
Physican's Group Scholarship (52.2k)
Potter, Don Scholarship (39.9k)
Pullman, Diane Memorial Scholarship (45.5k)
Reim Doc (37.9k)
Reinhart, Steve Memorial Scholarship (45.1k)
Renaissance Scholarship (18.4k)
Rotramel, Ann Scholarship (41.7k)
Runck, Daniel Memorial Scholarship (43.3k)
Schonlau, Theodore Scholarship (38.3k)
Seeman and Sullivan Scholarship (82.5k)
Somsen Memorial Scholarship (39.9k)
Stuckey, Frank Memorial Scholarship (14.7k)
Technical Trends Vocational Scholarship Application Page (23.8k)
Upper Midwest Management Scholarship (47.7k)
Waldner, Jason Memorial Scholarship (47.8k)
Weber, Mike Memorial Scholarship (41.9k)
Wheaton, Bill Memorial Scholarship (42.4k)
Wilfert, Mickey Memorial Scholarship (45.6k)
Wold, Ruth Nursing Scholarship (38.6k)
Wood, Abby Memorial Scholarship (16.7k)
Wyczawski, Mary Scholarship (42.6k)
Zetah, Jim Family Scholarship (38.9k)

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