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Master Agreements

Job Descriptions

101 Accountant (65.7k)
102 Business Manager (66.6k)
103 Bookkeeper (67.2k)
104 Payroll Coordinator (63.8k)
201 Activities Director (68.7k)
202 Confidential Secretary to the Superintendent (72.2k)
203 Director of Buildings and Grounds (64k)
205 Superintendent (69.8k)
301 Activities Secretary (73.8k)
302 Curriculum Personal Secretary (Eliminated) (69.1k)
303 ECFE Secretary (66.8k)
303A ECFE Kids Connection Secretary (65.1k)
305 High School Principals' Secretary (Lead) (75.5k)
306 Front Office Receptionist Secretary (71.2k)
307 Attendance Secretary (71.1k)
308 Media Center Secretary (66.2k)
309 High School Guidance Secretary (68.8k)
310 Jefferson Principal's Secretary (66.9k)
311 Jefferson Principal Secretary (66.6k)
312 Special Education Secretary (65.3k)
313 Washington Secretary I (67.9k)
314 Washington Secretary II (66.9k)
401 Community Education Director (67k)
402 Director of Early Childhood and Family Education (67.3k)
403 Kids Connection Coordinator (67.2k)
501 Crossing Guard (61.1k)
502 Custodian (63.6k)
503 Groundsperson (63k)
504 Lead Custodian (67.3k)
505 Maintenance Engineer (63.7k)
506 Service Technician (65.9k)
507 Technology Assistant (63.5k)
601 Cafeteria Server (61k)
602 Cafeteria Supervisor (69k)
603 Cashier (62.8k)
604 Cashier A La Carte Server (62.9k)
605 Cashier Assistant Cook A La Carte Cook (67.8k)
606 First Cook Assistant Cook (65.8k)
607 Head Cook (65.6k)
701 1 High School Principal (Bergmann) (70.7k)
701 2 Associate High School Principal (Weber) (71.1k)
702 Jefferson Elementary Principal (70.7k)
703 Washington Elementary Principal (69.8k)
801 Assurance of Mastery (64k)
802 Bus Supervisor (63k)
803 Computer Room Paraprofessional (66k)
804 Early Childhood Paraprofessional (67k)
805 ECFE Classroom Assistant (62.8k)
806 ECFE Child Care Assistant (64.2k)
807 Health Assistant (67.4k)
808 Kids Connection Adult Staff Program Assistant (65.4k)
809 School Readiness Preschool Assistant (63k)
810 Special Education Paraprofessional (67.8k)
811 Title One Paraprofessional (66.4k)
901 Elementary Counselor or Social Worker (65.4k)
902 Secondary School Counselor (65.4k)
903 K 12 Media Specialist (67.2k)
904 Parent Education Early Childhood Teacher (65.4k)
905 School Nurse (67k)
906 School Readiness Teacher Learning Together Teacher (66.5k)
907 Teacher (64.9k)
908 Academic Excellence Coordinator (63.9k)
909 Mental Health Coordinator (70.4k)

Washington Learning Center

910 14th St N
New Ulm, MN 56073
(507) 233-8300

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Jefferson Elementary

318 S Payne St
New Ulm, MN 56073
(507) 233-3500

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Middle School

414 S Payne St
New Ulm, MN 56073
(507) 233-6100

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414 South Payne Street
New Ulm, MN 56073

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